Hello! My name is Hephzibah. Welcome to this site… I’m so glad you’re here!

Let me introduce myself… I am 20 years old, and currently rehabbing from several years of chronic illness. This is where I share my thoughts, experiences, pain and joy, and the treasures I have found in some pretty dark places. I long to tell others of the treasure of Christ Jesus and pray that each person reading this blog will see something more of who God is and be encouraged to grow in Him. (Although I often think the one God is really wanting to challenge and make grow through this is me!!)

My prayer is that those who are going through a time of darkness will find this a help in discovering the jewels hidden in those places, will be inspired to hope again, and will discover more of the depth of the riches found in Jesus. I pray that we, his people, would seek our Father with renewed energy and fervour, responding to his goodness even in pain. And I pray that our cry through every battle would be, “God is enough for me to worship.”

For more of my story, check out my first post:

Treasures of darkness